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Albert Hamilton was educated in Canada and Northern Ireland. http://newonlinecasinosus.com/ He served an engineering apprenticeship with Harland & Wolff Limited, the Belfast shipbuilders and engineers. After technical college and university he worked on the engineering design and implementation of a number of civil and mechanical engineering projects. He was responsible for managing a range of multi-discipline international projects play online casino before being appointed as Kent Professor for Project Management. He now works as a change management consultant to the private sector and the non-profit sector.


The assistance available is very practical and will leave Clients with ‘on-the-job’ methodologies. How an organisation’s projects can be used to achieve overall business strategies and how outcomes can be satisfied through individual projects is the foundation of Professor Hamilton’s expertise. The need for organisational change to one that is based on projects will often require the creation of a physical entity, a Project Management Office (PMO), that becomes the focus for creating change and transforming the working culture through project management skills transfer. Professor Hamilton has established and led PMOs before transferring operations to a Client’s organisation.


Of the six books that Albert Hamilton has written, five of them have been sole author publications and of these, four deal with project management processes, and the other describes value management using case studies.

A sixth book on project management is due for publication during the second-half of 2008.


Published articles, a few of which can be downloaded from this web site, have been listed as either peer reviewed papers, conference proceedings, papers presented at conferences but not published, other published articles, and published educational materials.